Leah Licari is a ChildLight Yoga teacher who currently works with youth ages 5­-15.  Leah is a middle school special educator and brings yoga and mindfulness to her students as often as possible.   Leah started exploring yoga in her teens with a focus on the asana practice but was humbled by the additional benefits. She made it a part of her everyday life when she saw the ripple effect that comes with spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of a yoga practice.  These practices have helped Leah navigate her beautiful but often messy life experiences. She believes the balance of mind, body, and breath transforms the relationship we have with the world around us. Leah is on a journey of becoming her whole true self and in that, she hopes to share the blessings that yoga and mindfulness has provided her with her students. Over the years, she has come to realize just how important self care is and designed her classes with this idea at the forefront. She would like each student to “come as you are knowing you have everything you need within.” It is Leah’s goal to provide a safe, calm, and encouraging space where endless acceptance, love, and self-­inquiry is explored and honored.

Be well.