Kim Hubeck, LICSW, LADC, EMDR Certified Therapist in the State of Vermont, holds a masters degree in Social Work and specializes in Trauma and Addiction Recovery. Kim has been fortunate to work with many individuals and see the amazing changes that transpire with EMDR and when one allows oneself the opportunity to truly heal. As result of “doing her own work” Kim knows firsthand the difference an honest, dynamic therapeutic experience can make on the journey towards true change.

Kim’s perspective on change is this: I believe that people can change. I do not believe that our experiences define us, rather they have the ability to lead us to who we are destined to become.

This journey takes courage, honesty and a willingness to challenge oneself. I respect the pace of each individual on their path towards becoming comfortable in their own body and learning to sit peacefully within themselves. In order to make true change one must be willing to challenge patterns that are holding them back and prohibiting them from moving forward.

Kim is excited to move her practice into the Center for Strong Mind, Strong Body. She is a firm believer in the Center’s mission and believes that for optimal health and happiness individuals must work on both the mind and body.