Erin Hays Krilivsky, LCMHC, M.S., is an EMDR Level II Therapist. She is the founder and director of the Center for Strong Mind, Strong Body-Bikram Yoga Williston.  She holds a masters degree in Community Counseling with a specialty in Anxiety and Trauma Recovery, sexual dysfunction, and couples work. Erin also holds a ceErin discovered that an individual can do all the work they can inside and outside session, but if they don’t involve their body in the treatment, efficacy falls short and treatment outcomes will not be sustainable. By incorporating hot yoga in her private practice, her therapeutic perspective embodies a synthesis of treating the mind (through EMDR), the body (through Bikram yoga), and the spirit (through a sense of belonging in the community) via groups or yoga classes. Over the decade, she has honed in on this focal point of integrative treatment for Anxiety, Trauma and Addiction by incorporating the body as an instrument in helping the heart sing, the fascia, in restoring itself for optimal recovery, and the mind to become more peaceful.

The arrival of Center for Strong Mind, Strong Body was predicated by Erin’s unique pioneering work in the treatment of helping individuals find their truth, voice, and identity from “the inside out.” Aware that traditional talk therapy scratches the surface in the mind with the metrics of symptom reduction, Erin endeavored to find a more effective approach in addressing dis-ease of the individual. Employing a multifaceted system that engages clients in a comprehensive way through a trifecta of mind, body, and community identity, individuals quickly find that they are not alone and are normal like everyone else.

Strong Mind, Strong Body series incorporates the mind, body, and community as taproots to the core of recovery. Services include individual, couples, and group therapy along with Thai massage and other holistic integrative services for optimal functioning. You will find each psychotherapist at the Center practicing their Bikram yoga and other classes for their own peace of mind.

Welcome Statement:

Come as you are. Each and every one of you. You have come to this website to take yourself one step further. Whether you want to discover your true self and recover from a habit, try the psychotherapy (strong mind). Whether you want to simply take a yoga class, try the yoga (strong body).

When I say come as you are, I make it very clear that everyone deserves to give themselves optimal functioning and liberation to unearth their authentic self in a safe environment. Bikram Yoga is effective for both physical and emotional wellness. EMDR therapy is effective for both physical and emotional wellness.

I am thrilled to offer this unique space for our community to build strength and restoration to themselves.

Welcome to this beautiful pioneered Center. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.