Side Effects

Side Effects of Bikram Yoga

From: Yoga: A Vehicle for Global Healing
By: Bikram Choudhury and Emmy Cleaves
1992 By: Bikram Choudhury and Emmy Cleaves

Some of the side effects of Bikram Yoga:

  • weight loss and increased flexibility
  • athletic performance improvement (novice to professional athletes)
  • reduced stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression
  • overall increased satisfaction of life
  • libido and vitality reinvigorated
  • reduction of cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • regulation of hormones and blood sugar levels
  • elimination or reduction of back pain
  • avoidance of unneeded surgeries (knees, hips, shoulders)
  • recovery from surgeries and injury prevention
  • improved sleep
  • improved performance
  • restored attention and concentration
  • recovery from autoimmune diseases