Pep Talk

Pep Talk For Taking Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is the most consistent hatha yoga class that does not change. It is a method that consists of a series of 26 postures (asanas), including two breathing exercises, performed in a heated room (105 degrees with 40% humidity). The classes are 60 or 90 minutes and are designed to scientifically warm and stretch fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints in the order which they should be stretched, naturally. The series also stimulates the organs, glands and nerves, moving fresh, oxygenated blood to 100% of the body, restoring all systems to healthy working order. It is suitable for everyone from the absolute beginner to the most experienced practitioner.

In addition to helping prevent illness, injury and limit the effects of aging, the class also strengthens your level of concentration, determination, patience and self control, which lead to increased mental clarity and reduced stress.

“The regular practice of yoga challenges all the weak areas and systems of the body until radiant health is achieved… Yoga is the perfect vehicle for change of yourself. First by creating a strong and powerful body and mind. It is a starting point from which you can then begin to realize your human spirit. Only then can we hope to effect a global healing of the planet.”