Bikram Yoga Classes

ORIGINAL 90: The traditional 90 minute class is calibrated for the stiffest beginners yet challenging to all skill levels.
Wanna feel fully human? Take this class.

HAPPY HOUR: This intelligent sixty minute class moves through the traditional series with both tempo and flow. Ready for your happy hour? Take this class.

A new, 90-minute intermediate class invites you to try salutations, inversions, hip openers, and arm balances in addition to poses from the Original90 and Smart60 classes. Ready for a challenge? Take this class.

Meridien, acupressure, i-rest, meditation, chakra, mindfulness, advanced techniques, yoga for anxiety, for kiddos, families. Coming soon. Stay tuned.


The Ashtanga yoga primary series is a vigorous and ancient practice which focuses on the breath and energetic connections we make in our postures. In Hot Primary Ashtanga, temperatures fall around 95 Degrees for the maximum detoxification benefits.

Want more strength and energy, this class is your first step. Great for beginners. Anyone can access this yoga.

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