Our vision


A community of unique individuals who foster a safe and nurturing environment to explore the art of yoga and the science of the mind.

Through our growth, individually and as a community, we aim to promote spiritual awakening, emotional growth, and physical unfolding, so all who visit here can come as they are and become experts at being themselves with their own version of a strong mind and a strong body.


Gently challenge your thinking. Find your new narrative. Recalibrate. Refresh. Advanced EMDR psychotherapy, Somatic experiencing. Discipline. Discovery.


Gently challenge your body. Discover a new way to co-exist with your body that houses you. Traditional Bikram yoga. Other Yoga disciplines. Massage. Acupressure. i-rest meditation. Mindfulness. Chakra and meridien work.

Community Spirit

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to realize that we're not alone. We are normal. We're actually unique like everyone else. We bear witness to this community connectedness in the studio class setting or in the clinical group therapy setting. Whichever combination floats your boat. Whatever you want to work on. It's comprehensive.